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How each Surface helps your game

Below are just some examples of how the 3 surfaces can help you improve.


Training in the sand increases the flexibility of the players as the body goes through a full range of motion while players stretch to reach for the ball. Balance and core strength are worked on due to the use of the bare feet on an odd surface to stabilize the body. It greatly increases acceleration, as the body has to work much harder to push off the sand when moving in any direction. Increases reaction, as the players have to anticipate plays since they can't rely on quick movement on a sandy surface. It takes more time to get to a ball as the player's feet have to first sink into the ground, reach a firm grip and then push off toward the desired direction. This process increases the readability of the game and anticipation of the plays.


Flat Surface

The flat surface training enforces the use of different parts of the foot, especially the bottom, and how each movement can be used to be unpredictable. Quickness of play and creativity with moves helps the players think faster and play quick to seize opportunities to attack and find options to move the ball around at a faster pace. Since the size of the area is smaller, the change of direction and speed is needed to create options off the ball, which makes the overall game play quicker. Defensive players must step up sooner to stop shots and react quicker to teh game.



Usually held on the last day of training. In the end we are mostly building soccer players that are going to be competing on the field. We take the elements from the previous trainings and incorporate them on the field. We then work on the vision on the field. We use the larger space that we are working with to introduce crossing, moving as a unit, the individual's responsibility to the team and the change in the point of attack. Patience in finding options and the support role of players off the ball are also worked on. We introduce the difference in play on each third of the field and how the group can work together to increase their chance of success in games. 






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