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Mauricio Ruiz - Head Men's Coach of Jacksonville University

"I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with Jason and the Chamba coaches for several years now. They are knowledgeable of the game and how to get the most out of players and teams to perform at their highest level. Chamba has a vision for the game of soccer that very few have, they implement their vision with patience, hard work and passion behind everything."



Neil Cockburn - Head Men's Coach of Webber International University

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason Utley since January 2015. He has been very much a mentor of

mine throughout the last year, and has been vital towards the progression of my coaching career. He is

knowledgeable in all aspects of the game of soccer from youth, college and professional level. Jason’s

knowledge and experience would be a vital asset to any coach or program."



Richard Gordon - President of the Men's Soccer Club at University of Central Florida

"During my tenure as President of the UCF Men's Club Soccer Team I worked with Jason and

Steve as sponsors of the club and providers of our full home and away uniform kits. Their

professionalism made the process simple and seamless. When it comes to the product, the kits

were of exceptional quality in wear, feel, and durability. The kits allowed our team compete not

only on the field with our play but in our appearance and presentation."



Lou Ferris - Vice President of South Orlando Soccer Club

"While his coaching resume’ speaks for itself, Coach Utely brings so much more to player development than just X’s and O’s.   He has coached my son privately and also as part of one of Central Florida’s top youth teams and his impact on both my son and the entire team was as impressive as it was dramatic.  While extremely well versed in teaching high level technical skills, his ability to teach advanced passing concepts and rapid decision making to all of the players in just 10 weeks was incredible.  An advanced player for his age already, my son has developed tremendous efficiency in his playmaking very quickly.  His decision making has become intertwined with his technical skills and have become instinctual for him.  It is a joy to see him accelerating his play in all facets of the game. We are so excited for his future and Coach Utley deserves the credit for his time, attention and genuine desire to see his players achieve the highest levels of success within their club and in the beautiful game. Thank you Coach Utley."



Jhamie Chin - Media Relations Manager, Portland Timbers

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jason for nearly eight years now. I first met Jason as a senior in high school, when he took over as the head coach of our varsity team. Not only do I credit Jason immensely for my improvement as a player during that season, but he was also one of the main reasons I decided to further my playing career. Since then, I've worked with Chamba on several occasions. Not only are they incredibly passionate about the game of soccer, but Jason and his team are a talented group, who know how to push players to reach their full potential while also enjoying the game."



Mark Dillon - President, FC Orlando In Europe

"Jason is a real student of the game.  His time traveling and living around the world has given him the opportunity to assemble different influences - European, South and Central American, and Asian into a training system uniquely his own.  Technique is the foundation for any successful playing career.  Jason's work in developing excellent technique in young players is outstanding, and they have fun while learning."





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