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Chamba offers a unique way to increase your soccer skills with these 5 juggling tests that will improve your game. Download this PDF document and begin your training. We walk you thought all 5 tests and some of the benefits of juggling. Each test lasts 5 minutes and you can repeat them as many times as you want. A scoring sheet is also included in order for you to track your scores. (This test is not meant to teach the mechanics of juggling, it creates a 3 week program to improve juggling).

With this download you get:

- An explanation of what the test is about.

- Information on how juggling can improve your game.

- A 3 week program scoring sheet and a sample scoring sheet.

- A breakdown of all 5 tests and what each test measures.

- Tips about the test and on how to use it.

- A video showing how the test is performed.


Have fun!

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