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Training Group


If you are viewing this page is because you have been identified as a candidate for a training group. This group is for the intermediate and advanced players that are looking for additional training. These groups will be training in fields, futsal and beach soccer trainings throughout the year. You must be added to our Whastapp group in order to recieve the information of our sessions.

You must download the app and send us a message once you have talked with us. We have the right to refuse or drop any candidates if they are not at the level, not behaving properly or are disruptive in any way.


We will include:

  • Futsal training

  • Fields sessions

  • Technical sessions

  • Overnight beach trainings

  • Speed/Agility/Strength training

  • Nutritional Guide

  • Group activites

  • & More


Session will mostly last 1.5 hours unless otherwise mentioned.












For 7 or more players you will the rate will stay the same of $25 for 1.5 hours and $20 for 1 hour

Additional costs may apply if there are costs such as field/court rentals.


We will be creating a fun and learning environment for the players to get to the next level.

What to bring:

  • Soccer Ball

  • Sunscreen

  • Shinguards

  • Cleats

  • Indoor shoes

  • Water

  • Soccer Attire

  • Chamba Training shirt (If provided)








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